Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Owner and senior therapist Fiona Gordon specialises in oncology massage therapy and lymphatic drainage. Oncology massage takes into consideration the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, encouraging scar-tissue management and healing. Accredited with Oncology Massage Training (OMT), Fiona has an extensive background working with patients in all stages of cancer treatment.

Yoga after cancer

Fiona Gordon’s classes in Yoga after Breast Cancer include breath work, postures, relaxation and meditation. The yoga postures can easily be modified to suit a patient’s health and ability, and some postures can even be done sitting in a chair. All postures (or asanas) are done with a slow, steady, rhythmic breath to relax the sympathetic nervous system and enhance lymphatic drainage. These simple practices can help patients to safely build the strength of their core (deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor) while keeping the spine mobile. The latest research proves yoga can help people recovering from cancer to:

• Reduce anxiety and depression that may accompany diagnoses and treatment
• Improve recovery time
• Boost quality of life
• Enhance respiration, circulation, lymph flow and mobility of the spine

As well, it may help women to encourage a full range of joint movement, and release scar tissue, through the use of special holds and stretches. Participants are encouraged to bring along a carer or health professional.

Where:  Lasseters Health Club
When:    Monday 7.30pm, Wednesday 3.30 pm

NB: All equipment is provided. Just wear your favourite comfortable stretchy clothes. The first half of the class is ‘Asana’ (meaning postures) the second half is relaxation and meditation.